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News news news: Russian State Sports University and Federation of Traditional Wushu have honor to invite you and all enthusiasts on the seminar on traditional Wushu. The seminar will take place in Moscow 12-25, October, 2009. News news news: the season of camps will start at 01.06.2009. If you want to spend wonderful hollidays, JOIN US!!!

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Tel./fax +7 (495) 504 - 9572.
Tel.+7 (499) 728 - 5398.


Address: Parshyn street, building 16, office 300, Moscow, Russia Travel: underground " Shchukinskaya ", bus. 28.

The Moscow sporting center "Moskvich"


"Moskvich" - Is sporting center in Moscow, where pass occupation and competition on Wushu and on Sanda (Sanshou).
Address: the Volgogradski prospect , 46/15.
Travel: the underground "Tekstilschiki", "Pool".
ph. +7 (495)757-9925. +7 (495) 196-7176.

The Moscow sporting center "Oktyabr"


"Oktyabr" - sporting center in Moscow, where pass occupation and seminars on traditional Wushu. Address: Parshyn str., bld. 16, office 300.
Travel: underground "Shchukinskaya", bus. 28 and 28k, Ph. +7 (495) 504-9572; +7 (499) 728-5398; 760-4687.

The main base where all the training take place is the sport club "Oktyabr" (Parshyn st., 16, office 300); all the necessary conditions are available there.

In center "Oktyabr" there is a remarkable hall with cover, balconies, boxing bags, mirrors, acoustics and wardrobe. The sun deck works,sauna. All students pass medical inspection. There is a clear age division in our groups.

There are experimental groups of children from 5; the training have musical background and we use games in our methods. The students get belts and certificates on our school's programme, worked out in the cooperation with the Chinese specialists. The medical control is obligatory. On the whole, one can go in for the traditional Wushu at any age.

There are styles and techniques recommended to the middle-aged and elderly people; besides even if the person has never gone in for smth. like this it is not the obstacle to the further successful training.

Helps for the manager. Ph.+7 (495) 504-9572.

"Krylatskoye" district

"Krylatskoye" district; the classes are held two times a week (Tuesday, Thursday; 7-9 pm)
Phone:+7 (495) 757-9925, 413-0347.

Seminar and the Festival of Wushu and martial arts

Russian State Sports Academy and Traditional and Sport Whushu Federation have honor to invite you on the Seminar and the Festival of martial arts.

1. The Seminar on traditional Wushu and Sanshou: Moscow, 16 - 27th September, 2007. An intensive two-weeks educational program for all levels of student.

2. The Festival of martial arts: Moscow, 28 - 29th September, 2007. The program of Festival: representation of participants and demonstration performances; the Master - classes of Grandmasters of various directions and schools of martial arts. You can take part in demonstration performances or in realization the master - classes. Materials of Festival will be submitted in the final collection issued by organizing committee of Festival. The Festival will be covered by MASS-MEDIA, submitted to one of central programs TV of Russie.

Sifu - Grandmaster Sun Shedzyun - the winner of many championships of Chinese People's Republic (traditional Wushu).

Includes many training methods for developing internal power: "Secrets of family Styles - HSING I CHUAN, TONGBEI CHUAN. THEORY and APPLICATION."

The program of a Seminar (72 hours) will focus on:
1. Hsing I - routine (two main forms).
2. Style Baji of Tongbei (Ma Shi Ui).
3. How to realease the power of body and mind.
4. Methods of teaching Wushu.
5. The application of modern scientific approaches in training.
6. Complete form of the short stick. Taolu (a formal complex) and its practical application.
7. Qigong and Psychotherapy.
8. A round table of a seminar.
9. Festival of Wushu and Martial Arts (all styles) - 28 - 29th September, 2007.

Price: 350 (USA doll.) per person (accomodation, tickets, visa - not included).
Accomodation - according to your personnel requirements. Cost of one place in a hostel for post-graduate students of university makes 15 US dollars in days.

The administration of the Seminar organizes your meeting and support in Moscow. If you are non resident of the RF we will provide you with visas and accomodation at your expences. Just let us know before September, 5.
All participants of the Seminar are provided with the lerning materials including CD ROM and videotapes free of charge.
We are ready to prepare for you individual program besides official scedule of the seminar.
All students are honored by the certificate of the RSSA.

For more information contact the Center on:
Head office: Parshyn street, building 16, office 300 Moscow, Russia.
Phone/fax : +7 (499) 728 - 5398. Phone +7 (495) 504 - 9572 (office hours 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.).

E-MAIL wushu@wushu.org




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Tel/Fax:+7 (495) 757-9925. Phone +7 (495) 504 - 9572, +7 ( 495 ) 196 - 7176.
Email: president@wushu.org