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News news news: Russian State Sports University and Federation of Traditional Wushu have honor to invite you and all enthusiasts on the seminar on traditional Wushu. The seminar will take place in Moscow 12-25, October, 2009. News news news: the season of camps will start at 01.06.2009. If you want to spend wonderful hollidays, JOIN US!!!

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Master of guilty looks...

Master of guilty looks...

My mistress'eyes are nothing like the sun...


The Traditional and Sport Wushu Federation believe that whoever wants to be engaged in traditional wushu is always welcomed, including ladies. As a rule, ladies have special training program. These are: 1. Traditional wushu - complexes (taolu), steps, technique with weapon; 2. Sport sanda; 3. Health improving tai chi and wushu styles; 4. Self-defense; 5. Scenic wushu – dancing.

Master of guilty looks

The girls study Tai Chi style Chen. Master Ji Jian Chen.

Every program is based on special methods and has study guides plus video for individual and additional study. It must be emphasized that in women’s groups health improving is the primary goal, however self-defense methods are mandatory for everybody. Some of the girls prefer training together with men, having the same loads and requirements.


Wushu technique helps to achieve flexibility and grace. It demands much time and effort to get ready for a complex. Every movement should be well-rehearsed. A respiratory exercises and Qigong trainings (for adults), meditation and trainings with special music promote skills development and are the constituent part of training system of the Wushu Federation. Some branches the Wushu Federation develops are ‘martial’ dances and scenic wushu. Girls are trained under supervision of experienced instructors of Dance Studio. Flexibility and rhythm are important but the main thing we work on is self-defense with simple and very effective tricks.

Defend yourself

The first principle of ‘stalking art’ is that warrior chooses the place of fight him/herself. Never fight unless you know the situation and conditions. To get rid of everything you don’t need is the second principle. Then concentrate and decide whether you need to fight or not, because it is the fight for life. This is the next stalking principle. Every warrior must have rules, however, applicable for everybody. The fifth rule: facing with something unexpected and unknown, a true warrior retreats and meditates. He lets his thoughts wander without aim. The next principle says that it is important to ‘squeeze’ your time. In the fight for your life every second is eternity which may determine the outcome.

Warrior is focused on success, using time sparingly without wasting precious moments . According to Carlos Castaneda the whole world, and life, and death is puzzle, “incomprehensible enigma” and warrior’s aim is to solve this puzzle, not hoping to do it. But death is the only wise adviser that exists. If you feel that everything goes wrong and you have evil presentiment, turn to your death and ask her if these misgivings are true. And your death will tell you that this hardly matters at all, only her breath has significance. You need to understand that death is a hunter and is always by your left side.

All the nations have their own traditions. Some are skilful with cold steel arms (sword, dagger, etc.), some with shooting. But self-defense without weapon was all-the-time valued. There are hard and dangerous situations when you can rely only on yourself. That is life. You never know when and where you may use reasonable force in self-defense. It’s important not to be caught in situations like that. For this reason it is better to be very attentive, not to be a ‘victim’.




Group scenic Wushu.

Group scenic Wushu. The Teacher Y.Chistyakova.

Group scenic Wushu.

Group scenic Wushu.

The Teacher Y.Chistyakova.

The Teacher Y.Chistyakova.

The unexpected answer.

The unexpected answer.

Learning of methods of self-defense.

Learning of methods of self-defense.

Exponential performances.

Exponential performances.

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