Yin-Yan conception

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Yin-Yan harmony

"Yin-Yan" conception

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Wushu theory bases on naturalistic philosophy of Yin and Yan harmony. Yin and Yan are the interdependence of opposites. Yin symbolizes femininity, earth, darkness, cold, night, moon, passivity, and Yan symbolizes masculinity, heavens, light, heat, day, sun, activity. Yin and Yan, "imaginary" and "real", the mastery of their interactions and switching is the very core of the special wushu technique, where weak overcomes strong borrowing enemys power.

Despite of historical subordinate dependent-on-man social status of woman, Chinese pragmatism and concept of Yin-Yan interconversion have been externalized in woman role in wushu. According to Itsin "Danger" equals "water" image (Yin) and this unity is hold together by the "Kan" trigram and its doubling, of the same name Hexagram (it is designated #20).

Readiness for fight.

Ban Chjao in her famous treatise "Manual to women" directly points out that "a path of husband and wife is a Yan-Yin path", that natural harmony as well as harmony between man and woman assumes the mutual supplement, the way of the Tao. According to the ancient Chinese teaching it is not the unity and struggle of oppositions, but their mutual attraction and repulsion. Yin and Yan can be connected and they can not come across because they are parts of each other.



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