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Our organization gives you an opportunity to train directly in front of the monitor, receiving lessons through the Internet. Videolessons - are a set of clips with exercises which you can look in the Internet or download on The personal computer.

I. Questions of the theory. Selfregulation.

The schools traditional wushu have used a broad spectrum of methods selfregulations, ascending to heritage ancient Daosists, living in mountains in full harmony with a nature, and also going from the first patriarch Chan (Zen) - legendary Bodhidharma. These two directions of ancient Chinese philosophy and cultures are in the basis of "internal work" (neigun), advanced and transformed subsequently by numerous systems battle arts both in China, and in other countries of East.
Adduced below parable of the founder Daosism Zhuang-zi (IY B.C.) is that canonical text, which is repeatedly mentioned in the old manuals about military arts and " Paths of the soldier ". Parable of Zhuang-zi: " the Wood cock "

The Wood cock

Tsisintsi has undertaken to train for king combat cock. In ten days the king has asked:
- Well, how, the cock is ready?
- Is not present still, - has answered Tsisintsi, - is complete vanities, is proud in vain.
In ten days the king again has inquired and has received the answer:
- For the present is not present; is recalled on each sound, is thrown on each shadow.
In ten days the king has asked again;
- Still is not present, - has answered Tsisintsi, - looks spitefully, all is overflowed by fury.
In ten days the king again has asked and also has heard in the answer:
- Now is almost ready; will hear other cock - is quiet as a mountain; will look at it - as wood. His will and exposure are faultless. Any cock will not dare response his call; will turn and will run away.

II. Technique Tongbei. Activity of forces (jin-li).

Tongbei system is practically proved complex fighting system for all true-to-life conditions. The numerous forms and variants of training include the complexes of Taolu exercises and free sparring and are founded on the strong theoretical base, with the centuries-old traditions and is at the same time constantly renewed.
Ma Fentu- the founder of the Tongbei style as a system - collected together the best techniques of the traditional Wushu strongest styles- Baji, Piqua, Phanzi, Chuojio, and has selected that main, that integrated these styles: generic by them internal forces, which find the expression in numerous methods and motions of Taolu. Today we shall consider the first pair of forces, Showing itself in phases of "opening" and "closing" at fulfilment Tongbei system. Taking the work of the inner powers in these styles as a base, he managed to summarize and develop his system, unite the outer form and the inner content, thus making Tongbei a universal system of fighting and health-improving.

a) "To swallow " a breast ( thune )

In a Figure is shown the exercise "to round off" a spin, "to swallow" a breast. This is answered with a phase "closings" in Tongbei system. The hands cover breast; this moment corresponds to a short inhalation. The rotation hips and waist is added.

b) "To open" ( Thu )

In a Figure is represented the phase of "opening" - ( Thu ). With by sharp lowering of hands downwards on the parties of a body (the palms are organized outside) and exhalation to turn to the left, lifting off the right leg. The breast is straightened, the sight is directed forwards.

The remark.

A feature of motions in Tongbei system is constant combination of "openings" and "closings", that gives a power and grace to each technical operation. In execution time Taolu ?ay the special notice to activity of the indicated forces.



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