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News news news: Russian State Sports University and Federation of Traditional Wushu have honor to invite you and all enthusiasts on the seminar on traditional Wushu. The seminar will take place in Moscow 12-25, October, 2009. News news news: the season of camps will start at 01.06.2009. If you want to spend wonderful hollidays, JOIN US!!!

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Seminars and extension courses

The Traditional & Sport Wushu Federation holds seminars and extension courses for coaches and instructors on traditional Wushu, Qigong. These seminars and courses are held in Moscow. Skilled Master of wushu and qigong from China, named Wang Hui, conducts them. Below you can read topics of the seminars. After finishing courses and seminars you will get certificate of standard pattern. Here you can make your request for participation in our activities.

Topics of seminars and extension courses:
1. 陈式太极拳 - style Chen Taiji, oldest and parent form of traditional taijiquan.
Basic technique, basic elements of taijiquan and qigong, applied aspect, breathing exercises.
2. 杨式太极拳 - style Yang Taiji, basic technique. Basic elements of Taiji and Qigong, applied aspect, breathing exercises, 8 Posture Yang Style Taiji Bashi Taijiquan "八式太极拳".
3. 陕西红拳 - Shanxi Hong Quan, basic technique, basic elements of Taiji and Qigong, applied aspect, breathing exercises; 10 Posture of Shanxi Hong Quan - Shida Pan (十大盘).
4. 形意拳 - Xingyiquan - one of the major "internal" Chinese martial arts. Basic elements, applied aspect, breathing exercises.
5. 阴阳八卦掌 - traditional wushu style "Bagua" . Basic elements, applied aspect, breathing exercises. System of exercises "Yin-yang Yu" (阴阳鱼).
6. 易筋经 - health-improving Qigong style "Yi Jin Jin" . Basic elements, applied aspect, breathing exercises.
7. 八段锦- health-improving Qigong style "Ba Duan Jin". Basic elements, breathing exercises.
8. 养生导引功 - health-improving Qigong, (Daoist Qigong ); Basic elements, applied aspect, breathing exercises.
9. 小周天 - health-improving static "Small Cycle" Qigong; Basic elements, applied aspect, breathing exercises.
10. 五禽戏- dynamic health-improving The Five Animal Qigong. Basic elements, breathing exercises.
11. 六字诀- health-improving Qigong, traditional style, exercise "6 sounds", breathing technique.
12. 太极气功 - Taiji Qigong, traditional style, Basic elements, breathing exercises.
13. 器械- QiXie, exercises with weapon(Sword Dao, Jian gongshu, exercises with pair knifes).

Dear martial art friends,

The Traditional and Sport Wushu Federation together with the Russian State Sports University (RSSU) and the Sport Martial Arts Academy (SMAA) hold Skills Development Seminars for coaches and instructors on traditional wushu, qigong, and sport and professional wushu-sanda.

Total duration will be from March 16th to 27th, 2009. The event will take place in Moscow.

We are pleased to invite coaches and instructors from all over the Russia and other countries, as well as those who are interested in skills development and traditional wushu, wushu-sanda and qigong.
We have two types of programs:
1. Full program: the program has both theory and practice (72 hours). It will last for two weeks from March 16th to 27th, 2009.
2. Brief program: 3-day program will take place on March 25th,26th and 27th,2009.

The program has both theory and practice (72 hours):

- Theory: wushu history and philosophy, psychology, training methods, physiology, and massage (36 h.)

- Practice (36 h.): traditional wushu classes:

1. Piquadao technique of Ma family style Tongbei.
2. Baji, “the old form”, taolu (form) and application.
3. Short stick (stuff) penkhan – taolu (form) and application.
4. Wushu-sanda technique for a professional and layperson.

By the end of the seminar we will arrange “The Round Table” with leading wushu and other martial art experts. Course participants will get state and international (for non-residents) certificates.

Course participants will be provided with syllabus and training videos.

Participation fee is 550 EUR per person. Accommodation: there are rooms available in RSSU dorm cost 20 EUR a day per person. We welcome you to take part in the Skills Development Seminars and “the Round Table”

For more information contact on:

Head office: 123098, Maksimova st., 1, Moscow, Russia.

Phone/fax : +7 (495) 504 - 9572, +7 ( 495 ) 196 - 7176 (10 a.m. - 6 p.m.).


For more detailed information please visit our website

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Attention! The next courses of improvement of qualification on wushu, we spend on December, 3 till 15, 2007. Have come to the end:

Andrey Vyazankin

Andrey Vyazankin
The leading teacher of Federation.

The skilled master who successfully combines teaching traditional wushu on To family style Tunbay with domestic sambo-wrestling, other fighting arts.

 Vladimir Uljanov

Vladimir Uljanov
The leading trainer-teacher of Federation.

On rates conducted employment on formal complexes Tunbay - Baji, Bajen, And also on taolu Tunbay-Penkan (a short stick).

Abdul-Kadir Ataev

Abdul-Kadir Ataev
2 multiple world champion on Tui-show. The trainer well-known J. Ajigirey, repeated The world champion and the Europe on wushu-taolu, the champion of the Europe on Tui-show.
On rates conducted employment under the theory and an expert Tui-show, Wing Chun, to rules of competitions on Tui-show.

Oleg Asmolov.

Oleg Asmolov.
The known master and the trainer on Wushu-Sanshou, the judge of a republican category.

On rates conducted employment under the theory and practice of competitions on San Shou (San Da or Le Tai) and preparation Sportsmen.

David Kuchava.

David Kuchava.
The leading coach of Federation of Moscow on Wushu-Sanshou.

On rates conducted employment under the theory and practice of competitions on San Shou (San Da or Le Tai) preparation Combined team (psychophysical training, technic-tactical preparation).




The teacher V.Uljanov

The teacher I.Gorbachev

The teacher V.Skorohodov

The teacher A.Petrov

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Work with the weapon

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