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News news news: Russian State Sports University and Federation of Traditional Wushu have honor to invite you and all enthusiasts on the seminar on traditional Wushu. The seminar will take place in Moscow 12-25, October, 2009. News news news: the season of camps will start at 01.06.2009. If you want to spend wonderful hollidays, JOIN US!!!

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1. The primary goal of the Federation is to study martial arts of Wushu, their adaptation to contemporary conditions and developing other modern marital arts: sanda (sanshou), kickboxing, taiboxing, hand-to-hand fight. The aims are as follows:

1.1 To harmonize relations between national federations, related international organizations and countries;
1.2 To study the international experience of martial arts development;
1.3 To improve training system for coaches, instructors and sportsmen;
1.4 To take care of sportsmen and coaches, their health and social rights;
1.5 To cope with the local authorities and officials to provide social help to the needy;
1.6 To coordinate organizations, members of the Federation, assisting in martial arts development;
1.7 To study the methods of the self-regulation and self-improvement.

2. The objects of the Traditional and Sport Wushu Federation are:
2.1 To work out special programs developing traditional and sport wushu in our country;
2.2 To represent wushu in international organizations;
2.3 To carry out qualification exams and give out special certificates and documents;
2.4 To fulfill other organizationís orders arranging research works and developing special programs;
2.5 To hold conferences, meetings and other arrangements concerning to the Federation activities;
2.6 To organize competitions, coaches, instructors, umpires, and sportsmen accreditation;
2.7 To prepare rewards with the symbols of the Wushu Federation;
2.8 To work out recommendations and manuals; finds out, studies and advertises the positive experience and the useful initiatives aimed at the development of the martial arts.
2.9 Together with its structural branches to work out and fulfill the programs of developing the different kinds of the martial arts;
2.10 To help to produce and sell sport equipment, sport weaponry wushu items;
2.11 To edit and advertise methodical and informational production;
2.12 To make video and audio materials according to the specific character of the Federation;
2.13 To build and maintain sports structures;
2.14 To create the data base to control and coordinate information technologies used in wushu clubs and by members of the Federation;
2.15 To conduct scientific researches on the problems connected with the martial arts influence on the process of upbringing in schools and colleges in Russia;
2.16 To help starting rehabilitation centers and classes teaching the methods of self-regulation and massage;
2.17 To form the executive and administrative branches of the Federation;
2.18 To recommend sportsmen, coaches and judges for a reward and inflicting a punishment.
2.19 To take part in local Federations of "Wushu", committees, sections, clubs organization.
2.20 To carry out charity programs for orphans, disabled children and others of the kind.




Master Ji Juan Cheng's lesson.

Master Ji Juan Cheng's lesson.

Moscow Championship in Sanda, 1999.

Moscow Championship in Sanda, 1999.



Lecture for the future doctors..

Lecture for the future doctors.

Ceremonial Oath.

Ceremonial Oath.

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