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News news news: Russian State Sports University and Federation of Traditional Wushu have honor to invite you and all enthusiasts on the seminar on traditional Wushu. The seminar will take place in Moscow 12-25, October, 2009. News news news: the season of camps will start at 01.06.2009. If you want to spend wonderful hollidays, JOIN US!!!

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Professor Ma Menta.

Professor Ma Menta.

Professor Ma Menta, invited to Moscow in early 90’s, demonstrated the followers of the Chinese Wushu his family Tongbei style. Abundance of schools in Moscow teaching a mixture of gymnastics and a strange kind of karate and calling that mixture Wushu surprised even the experienced master. Seeing enthusiasm and desire of Russian students to practice Tongbei, Ma Menta decided to revive one. The best masters and students - the members of the Ma clan have been to Moscow many times and held lessons according to the program Ma Shi Tongbei Ui, i.e. they used the system of preparation for the wide range of students. However only now it is possible to reveal the secrets of the family Tongbei school (Ma Ja) thoroughly hidden all these years. The famous masters from China generously share their experience and knowledge with the coaches and sportsmen.

Ma Menta with a spear.

Ma Menta with a spear.

Originally it was Chinese Master, Mr. Ma Menta, who started Wushu Tongbei Federation in Russia. Later on the Federation united a range of groups all over the Russia and became a public interregional organization called “The Traditional and Sport Wushu Federation”.

Ma Menta with a sword.

Ma Menta with a sword.

Professor Ma Menta is the world famous wushu master, the professor of history and the composer of ‘The Complete Encyclopedic Traditional Wushu Dictionary’ in China, a son of the Tongbei system founder. Meeting with one of the last representatives of traditional wushu was exciting by itself and also gave a start to the communication between our wushu enthusiasts and Chinese masters.

Master Kang Tain Cheng

Master Kang Tain Cheng (China), repeatedly conducting seminars and master-classes.

The Tongbei school being the main branch of traditional wushu includes such styles and branches as piqua, phanzi, baji, chuojio. These are the strongest martial systems, which have almost disappeared even in China. Ma Menta's students, friends and followers made a great contribution to the development of the traditional Wushu in Russia, they generously shared their experience at the seminars and master-classes during their visits to Moscow.

Master Fei Pen

Master Fei Pen (China) executes the complex(taolu) of style baji.

The famous master of traditional wushu Fei Pen, son of wushu master and a doctor Zhang Hun Mu, taught seminars and master-classes in early 90's.

Master Ji Jian Cheng

Grandmaster Ji Jian Cheng (China) with a wide sword.

A famous Master of traditional wushu, an associate professor of the Hangzhou University, Ji Jian Cheng (China) is the author of the book "Duanda self-defense technique" wich had a wide circulation all over the Russia. He is doing a lot to revive and develop the true art of Wushu in his home-country of China, England and Russia. He is the Honorary President and main adviser of the Wushu Federation. It was Mr. Ji Jian Cheng who helped to solve a great deal of problems and to prepare theoretical and practical information for manuals and teaching materials, including the educational programs on CD-ROM.

Mei Hua is a Chinese champion.

Mei Hua - a champion of China.

Mei Hua held lessons for children trained at our Federation. Many our youngsters being trained by great masters become instructors sharing their experience and the school traditions.

Master Yan Hun

Master Yan Hun (China).

Master Yan Hun was trained by the well-known master Ma Syanda. Last three years in Russia he leads seminars on Baji, Chuojio and other traditional wushu branches. He was training the national team in the middle 90s in China.

Master Lyu Tsyungan

Master Lyu Tsyungan (China).

Master Lyu Tsyungan was trained by the well-known master Ma Menta. Last three years he has been holding master-classes on different branches of Ma Shi Tongbei Ui. Master Lyu Tsyungan pays a special attention to the traditional work with short weapons.

Ilya Kovyazin - wushu instructor

Kovyazin Ilya - Instructor.

Besides having deep knowledge in traditional wushu, Ilya is a well-rounded man. His openness and kindness attract people of all ages and trades. Many come to by trained under his supervision, but also to be encouraged when having life challenges.

Andrew Vyazankin - wushu instructor

Kovyazin Ilya - Instructor.

Andrew is a professional instructor who combines tongbei style with combat sambo and other martial art styles. He is the one who wanted by many to be trained under.

We arrange various seminars and courses for coaches and instructors with different wushu styles and methodical issues studied. The best masters of traditional wushu teach and give master-classes there. Next professional improvement courses will be held in October 12-24, 2009.




Federation senior coach Vladimir Ulianov performs taolu.

Federation senior coach Vladimir Ulianov performs taolu.

Coach E. Bogdanova is the champion of Moscow in traditional Wushu (taolu), 1999.

Coach E. Bogdanova is the champion of Moscow in traditional Wushu (taolu), 1999.

Instructor V. Koryavin- the champion of Moscow in traditional Wushu, 1999.

Instructor V. Koryavin- the champion of Moscow in traditional Wushu, 1999.

Instructor Natalya Zachesova.

Instructor Natalya Zachesova.

Senior coach in Wushu Sanda Y.I. Shornikov.

Senior coach in Wushu Sanda Y.I. Shornikov.

Roman Ivanischev - Instructor.

Roman Ivanischev - Instructor.

Kovyazin Ilya - Instructor.

Kovyazin Ilya - Instructor.

Young instructors.

Young instructors.

...All the King's men.

...All the King's men.

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