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News news news: Russian State Sports University and Federation of Traditional Wushu have honor to invite you and all enthusiasts on the seminar on traditional Wushu. The seminar will take place in Moscow 12-25, October, 2009. News news news: the season of camps will start at 01.06.2009. If you want to spend wonderful hollidays, JOIN US!!!

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The President of the Federation.

Yury Shishkin - President of Federation.

Dear Visitors,
Welcome to our website!

Yuri Shishkin is the President of Traditional and Sport Whushu Federation ("Wushu Tongbei") since 1995. Serious practising boxing, karate and other kinds of Chinese martial arts for a long time ,finally led him to the sources of martial arts, professional Wushu.He has been mastering wushu for more than 20 years. Engineer by profession. His Hobbies are hiking and chess. Favourite reading - world classics and Krishnamurti works.

Traditional wushu is not a mere gymnastic

Yury Shishkin - President of Federation.

It is important to emphasize the importance of the rebirth and development of the traditional wushu in contemporary time, opposing it to the widely spread sport gymnastic direction, which came from Chinese People's Republic in the years of prohibition of traditional wushu school. In gymnastic kind of wushu the form prevails over the meaning of exercises and sport reglamentations lead to negative consequences which, not like in traditional wushu. The old traditional Masters well known in China had always had good health and even in old age were able to show miraculous technique of wushu. Our aim is to use the best wushu methods for health of any Russian. We can not omit a very important component of traditional wushu which is connected with “internal” work: various psychotraining and self-regulation methods mixed with contemporary scientific approaches and adapted to real life can be effectively used.

The president of Federation Mr. Shishkin and children.

Yury Shishkin with children.

We are lucky to possess the information from true Masters of traditional wushu of Tongbei style and other styles still existing in China. We have a lot to do, however, our followers are seriously trained now. Wushu training successfully develop a whole range of physical and moral qualities as well as have a good influence on general physical state.

Parents meeting

At parental assembly...

We should admit that traditional wushu technique highly excel canon styles of karate and systems like that which take their roots from some “hard” styles of wushu (‘karate’ may be translated as ‘Chinese hand/arm’). However the wushu technique itself is based on solid foundation of “internal” work and without one all the wushu training turn to be ‘empty and fruitless’.

Totoshka seems to have Buddha’s nature

Yury Shishkin with his dog.

Further collection and convertation of original information related to the true traditional art of wushu is considered the main working area by the Wushu Federation. We consider it important to raise up our children using humanistic, creative approach to life. It is how we see our teaching and training in the Federation centers. And in order to do that we have to have serious methodic base and professional coaches and teachers.

The school opening...

Opening of the school

Anyone who has ever dealt with the true martial arts will never be indifferent to the beauty and internal harmony of exercises, their martial spirit and high technique. Wushu is an art of fight but it is the system able to improve your health too. Having “external” and “internal” work rightly set during training, everyone can get better health, coordination and to become self-confident. “External” and “internal” works are always connected leading to better physical and moral condition.

Martial arts nowadays

It is not accidentally that the martial arts are needed today. Probably it used to be just a shallow interest to martial arts as to a modern exotic or an extreme sport. Now it is getting more clear that the martial arts are powerful for people’s spiritual growth and self-realization, they help to understand our inner being and our place in this world. Every life situation or problem can be compared to a sparring which is an original challenge to our daily inattentiveness and miscellaneous conditions. Professor Ma Menta, invited to Moscow in the early 90-es, demonstrated the followers of the Chinese Wushu his family Tongbei style. Abundance of schools in Moscow teaching a mixture of gymnastics and a strange kind of karate and calling that mixture Wushu surprised even the experienced master. Seeing the enthusiasm and desire of Russian students to practice Tongbei, Ma Menta decided to revive one. The best masters and students are the members of the Ma clan have been to Moscow many times and held lessons according to the program Ma Shi Tongbei Ui, i.e. they used the system of preparation for the wide range of students. However only now it is possible to reveal the secrets of the family Tongbei school (Ma Ja) thoroughly hidden all these years. The famous masters from China generously share their experience and knowledge with the coaches and sportsmen.



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