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News news news: Russian State Sports University and Federation of Traditional Wushu have honor to invite you and all enthusiasts on the seminar on traditional Wushu. The seminar will take place in Moscow 12-25, October, 2009. News news news: the season of camps will start at 01.06.2009. If you want to spend wonderful hollidays, JOIN US!!!

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The Traditional & Sport Wushu Federation gives 2-3 day long seminars and extension courses for coaches and instructors on traditional Wushu, Qigong, which are held in Moscow. These are conducted by skilled Master of wushu and qigong from China, named Wang Hui. We can also give roving seminars in your town. After finishing courses and seminars you will get certificate of standard pattern, educational CD and DVD with our teaching methods.
Our propositions and offers
The Traditional & Sport Wushu Federation develops the traditional Wushu in Russia and we are glad to cooperate with other Sport Federations and people who are interested in improving their professional skills or only start sport career.

The Traditional & Sport Wushu Federation offer our services and invite to collaborate.
- We propose to conduct and organize the in and out competitions.
- We invite teachers, coaches and sportsmen to take part in our seminars (Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism) and to exchange experiences, to improve your professional level and skills.
- For children we propose children camps (swimming pool, riding, have lessons of theatrical skill, Wushu lessons, various sport programs (morning exercises, volleyball, football, basketball, tennis, a chess, a paintball), dances (east, modern, latin), fine arts school, airgun shooting. And certainly we will help you to learn Russian. Our Federation is always ready to cooperate in exchanging of childrens groups.
- For adults we propose sport, culture and other activities. (We will facilitate entrance visa, and organise accommodation, meals).

Teaching program on CD-ROM:

Teaching program on CD-ROM

We have prepared an interactive teaching program of traditional Wushu on CD-ROM. It includes hundreds of clips, photos and pictures, materials on the history, philosophy, "external" and "internal" work in Wushu.

There are also fighting techniques and methods of self-regulation, tests and biorhythms, organization of your system of a healthy way of life, pieces of Chinese wisdom and lots of other things.
Buy licensed disks only!

International center. Children's camp
Children's camp. Do you want your child to have a great time and training during the vacations? Join us! We invite coaches, teachers (you can take your own children along) to work in our camp for the whole summer or for one shift. Groups of children with their chiefs or coaches can join us and receive considerable privileges, besides, they will be able to live and work in the camp according to the program and schedule of their own. Federation can conduct additional classes for children (if desired) in Wushu, foreign languages, drawing etc. without any extra charge.

Traditional Wushu and Sanshou:
Traditional Wushu and Sanshou. The main part in the work of the Federation is studying the heritage of the traditional Wushu, creating the methodical base by using the modern scientific approaches in all the fields of the human studies, carrying out seminars and courses for the coaches... Federation is the member of SANDA (Sanshou) League Russia and holds internal and open competitions in Moscow.

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